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Medium Duty Towing in Reseda and Los Angeles

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We have a medium duty tow truck fleet can assist in moving with towing a wide array of motorhomes, vans, cube vans, step vans, small buses, and RVs. Our medium duty towing team is trained to ensure your vehicle is dealt with properly and with good care. With our extensive fleet of tow trucks and equipment, we will go anywhere in Los Angeles at any time to recover your equipment. We know that when one of your trucks is impaired, it can be frustrating. Our medium-duty tow trucks tow a wide range of vehicles.


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Affordable Medium Duty Towing in Reseda and Los Angeles

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Medium duty towing involves towing vehicles with GVWR weight limits is between 16,001 to 26,000 lbs. Towing Reseda has several medium duty tow trucks in our towing fleet. They are multi-purpose and essential towing equipment. These trucks can perform what the light duty tow trucks can, and with more power to haul heavier vehicles. With a maximum capacity of 17,000 lbs, the medium duty trucks can haul various types of vehicles such as RVs, motorhomes, and vans. A wheel lift device also may be present. From a vehicle breakdown on the road or highway to having a traffic accident, we can assist with the towing and recovery process.

Our towing experts at Towing Reseda are capable of tow truck drivers with all the proper training and certifications to operate medium duty towing trucks.


medium duty towing


Need Medium Towing in Reseda and Los Angeles?

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If you are looking for the ideal towing company in Reseda and Los Angeles, we are the company you need. We provide you with efficient medium duty towing, we are the best option. We utilize the use of the latest towing equipment and technology to get your medium duty vehicle to any location you desire. Whether it is early in the morning or late night or early morning, we can help to get your vehicle such as RVs and motorhomes moved to safety. We have been serving the drivers in the community for years. Our towing business has worked with medium-duty vehicles of various makes and models.

Our towing team is friendly and professional. We will fulfill your towing requests whenever possible. We know that offering a quick towing service is necessary to relieve your frustration and stress when facing vehicle breakdowns. Towing Reseda provides affordable and efficient towing solutions you need to give you relief from the already stressful situation.

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