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If your car stalled on you in a low clearance parking garage and every tow truck company you called tells you they can’t help, you can call us instead! Towing Reseda provides low clearance towing; our tow truck can fit below the 7 feet clearance and get your vehicle out safely.


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Capable in Low Clearance Towing

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It is always a difficult choice when it comes to having your vehicle towed. Not only do you have to find the right towing company to move your vehicle, but it disrupts any schedules or plans for the day. You may have due to an issue you hoped you wouldn’t have to deal with. This problem can be complicated when you are in an area with low clearance, example of low clearance areas are parking garages, carports, or apartment complex parking lots. Since many tow trucks need a certain amount of space to operate, you might feel like you do not have good assistance.

Need Low Clearance Towing in Reseda and Los Angeles?

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Our Tow Trucks Can Fit Through

Don’t worry, we have low clearance tow trucks available! They are specifically for these types of towing situations. We will get your vehicle to the repair shop or home garage in Reseda and surrounding areas. Do not call just anyone to tow from low clearance heights! Most kinds of tow trucks are too tall to fit under low clearance areas and definite can’t get back out with a vehicle in tow. So be sure to mention your location to the towing operator. This is to make sure that they have the right equipment for the job.

Getting the best local low clearance towing means choosing the right towing company. Reseda Towing is the right company with our friendly and professional service. We have served the community for years and have a proven track record. Feel free to call us for car towing, light-duty vehicle towing, RV towing, heavy-duty towing, roadside assistance, and more.

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